Rantings of a stoner fox


  • Mar22/10 18:14:39
  • Edited Mar22/10 18:16:24
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[Miko Fox]

Yeah, normally I wouldn't post twice in a row like this, but my new pipe makes me excuse this exception. It's glass, cost me 20 clams, has a decent sized bowl and can draw like a pencil. Named it heartbreaker after the Zeppelin song. Check out the pic




Kappy Mar23/10 09:12:04
[Kappy]Nice piece (epecially for 20 bucks!) but SHITTY PICTURE! Use that focus, friend! I wanna see what it really looks like!
Miko Fox Mar29/10 19:48:38
[Miko Fox]Ha! Yeah, perhaps I should've put that twenty towards a better camera right? :P

Somtimes I just need...

  • Mar21/10 20:33:35
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[Miko Fox]

Some mids. Why? Because I like baking brownies dammit! Nobody ever wants to sell ya an ounce of mids. It always turns out "Nah, but I can get you an eigth of some dank ass chronic!" Fuck you. I need like 8 grams (at least) for cooking. If your cooking cannabutter with a few grams of weed, no matter how dank it is, you've got shit for brains.

So now, I'm here smoking instead of eating brownies. *Takes puff* but I guess you gotta deal with what ya have right? ^_^

 Forgot to mention in my last post about the Phish tour being anounced. Yay! If I can rack up some dough and manage not to blow it all on drugs before the tour than I'm good to go! XD

-Mik (the Phish Phan)

P.S. I'm stoked about the new banner! Almost as much as the Phish tour!

Ever tried to hotbox a...

  • Mar19/10 19:17:46
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[Miko Fox]

In my life I have hot boxed some strange places, including

 A bathroom of the opposite sex

Under my bed (weeeeiiird story behind that one)

 Inside my shirt

 And now I have a new bizarre place to add. A porto potty outside the football field behind my high school. And it was crammed with 3 people. And it smelled...really really bad. I also came across a totally bad ass video the other day. Check it

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj9IAvv32wE Yeah, tight song.

 Oh and great news, my shroom cultivation will start in a few weeks. Psilocybe cubensis, columbian rust spore strain.

Kappy Mar19/10 21:33:01 edited Mar19/10 21:37:15

You guys are SO lucky nobody tipped that porta-potty! That would have been ALL sorts of nasty (and painful! 3 people!) BLEHHHH
The "inside my shirt" one made me laugh, though. My personal favorite has to be the "Tokyo Tent" (35 seconds in) from the Kenny vs Spenny episode, "Who can smoke the most weed" (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!)


Space Grass

  • Mar1/10 17:37:00
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[Miko Fox]

Duuuude. You guys ever heard of stoner metal? Ha, course you have. I think....

Whatever. Check out the genre, it's pretty tight. Listenin to Space Grass by Clutch, thats why it's called that on the blog. Yup. 


 "Hey Kid, are you goin' my way? We can have ourselves a field day! We'll run and buy some space grass, and watch the universe expand..." So sick. 

Not much to say ya know. This was mainly to get the pic of my "Woodshop Project" up. Making pipes in woodshop. Aaah. Good days. You'll notice it's got an assload of resin in it cuz I haven't gotten the chance to clean it out yet. I think thats a loaded bowl in there too, but I can't tell just by looking at the thumbnail and goddess knows I can't remember. Lol I just need to name it. I'm open to suggestion furs! Lemme know whatcha think! 

Finally! A practical use for shop class!

  • Feb26/10 18:47:57
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[Miko Fox]

So I'm in highschool. I take woodshop. I've finally found a practical use for the class!!! I have made a pipe behind our asshole of a teacher's back. It hits like a champ too.

: Shop class has never been so fun! Gonna hit up some grape ape tomorrow with it Wink

 Man, we also got another member here, even though I'm fairly new also (been here like a month) I would like to personally welcome

SinzLynxcat to the site! Look forward to hearing from ya man!

 Lastly, I gotta say, I'm excited for the new banner, can't wait to see what it'll be!