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Somtimes I just need...

  • Mar21/10 20:33:35
  • Listening To PHISH!
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[Miko Fox]

Some mids. Why? Because I like baking brownies dammit! Nobody ever wants to sell ya an ounce of mids. It always turns out "Nah, but I can get you an eigth of some dank ass chronic!" Fuck you. I need like 8 grams (at least) for cooking. If your cooking cannabutter with a few grams of weed, no matter how dank it is, you've got shit for brains.

So now, I'm here smoking instead of eating brownies. *Takes puff* but I guess you gotta deal with what ya have right? ^_^

 Forgot to mention in my last post about the Phish tour being anounced. Yay! If I can rack up some dough and manage not to blow it all on drugs before the tour than I'm good to go! XD

-Mik (the Phish Phan)

P.S. I'm stoked about the new banner! Almost as much as the Phish tour!