Raptor's attempt at something....

Pups Playin

  • May27/08 19:34:41
[RaptorFox]Ok  so  I hate Blogs.  But here is the vid of our new rescue husky playing with our Pharoah hound    ^.^
Bluntwuff May31/12 13:10:24

Thats so cute :3!

  • Sep30/07 22:28:18
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  • Feeling Anxious
[RaptorFox]ok this is setup. Lets see if I remember it. In 2 days I fly to see my mate anda few days later we drive to my old place in VA to pack up the last of the stuff..... should be an intresting trip. at least my mate can get lots of fun stuff ^.^ Should be a fun trip and I can't wait.