• Nov22/09 15:49:53

nasty ass weed, this tastes terrible. 'mids' my ass.


k, lets listen to drum and bass and pretend this is whats its like to be high.

Just some advice.

  • Nov22/09 00:09:55

Dont go to a teen rave, if you're not even a teen, and you're just going with a teen friend to humor him.

and, even if i smoked a gbong before going there, shit was STILL lame.

good news.

  • Nov19/09 19:48:57
[Raspy]3 vaporizer packs and counting. anyone down for skype?
khyberkitsune Nov20/09 11:36:18

On occasion I do skype.


nick is khyberkitsune


send a message identifying yourself as who ya are when you add me.

eatin apples all day.

  • Nov19/09 19:38:15


why havent i found this place before, wtf.


i am steve skunk. :3