Sacred Transcipts of an un-Sacred Dingo

  • Dec14/07 20:57:13
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karma Dec14/07 21:05:30
[karma]Poor dingo :( *hugs*
  • Dec1/07 20:59:41
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karma Dec1/07 23:10:33
[karma]*makes sure no one's looking and sneaks in with the dingo* =o


  • Nov25/07 10:35:18
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khyberkitsune Nov25/07 12:32:12

Cats love being high. Mine just absolutely loves it, she'll curl up with me and just stick her face right into the smoke puff


Vel Nov26/07 11:41:26
[Vel]khyberkitsune is right. Cat's DO love being high. Personally I've never got my cat baked, but my mate and I went to Hempfest this year, and this awesome hippy couple brought their cat with them, and the three of them were all totally baked. My GOD, I have never seen a cat be so loving! I'm sure part of it was being brought-up by hippies, but even still. That cat was swaying and wobbling and just all-around having a good time being in the park.
  • Nov24/07 05:38:03
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karma Nov24/07 14:52:29


 *steals, runs away with*

khyberkitsune Nov25/07 08:47:31
[khyberkitsune]Welcome to the party!