Haphazard howls

The mind is a terrible thing to waste?

  • Sep23/08 01:20:32
  • Listening To Led Zepplin - Over the Hills and Far Away
  • Feeling thoughtful
  • Smoking a new pipe <3

I disagree. Mine is wasted now and it's nothing close to terrible ^.^


So, I'm sitting around all baked and I'm wondering, what is the best when stoned?

A lot of various things are really good when stoned but has anyone done a study to find the best of those things?  If anyone wants to send me a grant, I'll devote all my time getting as baked as can be and running extensive tests to find the answers.


What's the best music? Genre, artists or songs?

What're the best foods? Specific food or general type of food.

Best drink? Best game? Best activities? These questions need to be answered and the fun part is trying to find them.



 Now I just have to see if this is still anywhere near as interesting to me in the morning ^.^