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The lonely toke

  • Feb6/09 06:33:01

I live in a University town with one state seperating me from Mexico, so everyone around here can get just about anything they want.  Pot is crazy abundant and tons of it is sold every day.  Even many of the cops around smoke.  With it being so 'normal' to get high where I live, why is it so hard to find anyone to smoke with?  My roomies don't care if I smoke but they're done with it so I'm often left to toke alone in my room and space out on my laptop.  I've even gone so far as to put an ad up on Craigslist and got quite a few responses, but then everyone gets paranoid about being arrested even though I'd be the one providing all the goodies, so it wouldn't be them at risk.  As if it's that big of a risk.  I shared a bowl with the chief of police at a party a while back.

 I know I'm just bitching.  I'd just love to find a regular smoke buddy or something.  Maybe one day I'll move somewhere where the local furs aren't all on the self-righteous, drug free bandwagon.  I'm done complaining for now though.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste?

  • Sep23/08 01:20:32
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I disagree. Mine is wasted now and it's nothing close to terrible ^.^


So, I'm sitting around all baked and I'm wondering, what is the best when stoned?

A lot of various things are really good when stoned but has anyone done a study to find the best of those things?  If anyone wants to send me a grant, I'll devote all my time getting as baked as can be and running extensive tests to find the answers.


What's the best music? Genre, artists or songs?

What're the best foods? Specific food or general type of food.

Best drink? Best game? Best activities? These questions need to be answered and the fun part is trying to find them.



 Now I just have to see if this is still anywhere near as interesting to me in the morning ^.^

Keep marijuana illegal

  • Aug27/08 12:43:04
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Does anyone else support keeping marijuana illegal?


There has been a lot of talk from my co-workers lately about Barak Obama and his stance on legalizing weed.  They're all prepared to go and actually vote this election because of it.  They want to be able to go to a store, buy some pot, and walk around smoking joints like they were cigarettes.  I doubt things would ever get that liberal but it seems to me that legalization of marijuana would be a very bad thing for those of us who enjoy it on even a semi-regular basis.


The first thing that would happen, if pot was legalized, is a spike in prices. There would be so many sin taxes on it that the high price of name brand cigarettes would seem like a steal.  The goverment would have to get money out of it somehow.  Noone does anything for free.


The next step would be regulation.  Special interest groups, such as Mother Against Drunk Driving, would be up in arms and insure that the government regulated the amount of actual marijuana one could get, or more likely, the amount of THC in the marijuana.  That means you could go in, spend $60 on a laughable amount of weed and after you get done smoking it all up a little while later, you're left with only a slight buzz because it has almost non-existant levels of THC. 


This would also lead to greater degrees of punishment for those caught selling non-regulated or non-approved marijuana.  The stuff you get from your dealer now would be black market goods, not only illegal as before but worse since the government would then be losing money on anything not sold through their system.  Don't think so?  Try to grow cigarette tobacco sometime.  You'll get in more trouble being caught for that than for growing your own pot.


I say keep marijuana illegal.  What needs to change is the penalties.  Marijuana needs to be taken off of the list of schedule 1 narcotics.  Granted, so does MDMA as it has been approved by the FDA and is still used for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but that's a rant for another time.


Marijuana needs to be lowered to schedule 3 or below on the list of narcotics. Keep it illegal but get rid of the ridiculous penalties for possession or selling.  Those are my thought on the subject anyway... 

roj Sep2/08 05:52:04

I don't believe that they could tax it.  See, I can brew beer or wine at home.  I don't pay any taxes as long as I brew less than 250 gallons a year that the BATF would allow me to do.  Anything else over that would require me to bottle my alcohol, take it to the nearest package shop to get all of my bottles stamped with a tax stamp and pay x% on it.  Now, I could always go over and never tell a soul.

 Then there's distillation.  That's completely illegal to do without a license.  Once again, I can still do it (and I will be soon) and not tell a soul so I can brew moonshine (like I will be doing).  

 Who says I can't grow it inside my house like so many people do?  Why, they can bust me for it, but that would be just like busting a moonshiner for distilling homemade alcohol.  Same thing, different substances.

Veil Sep2/08 15:29:52
[Veil]I'm not saying that there wouldn't be people growing their own like there are now.  I just think the government would regulate and tax the larger growers, importers and distributers.  I could certainly be wrong about how they'd go about doing it, but that's just how I see it happening if it actually did become legal in the U.S.  I'll be the first to admit I was wrong if it ever does get accepted as legal and doesn't get taxed or regulated, though even that would take many years of lobbying and pressure and while California has taken the first step, I doubt I'll ever see federal support of it in my lifetime.  I can't see the future though. I can only make predictions based on history.  This is one of those subjects that I do hope I'm wrong about all across the board ^.^

A LONG history of the coyote and how I came to be here ^.^

  • Aug25/08 21:59:47
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As always, we start from the beginning and move onward...



I had my first joint when I was 11. My mom, a 'Nam vet and a hippie, got ahold of a J and wanted me to try it out. Cool enough.


My next experiences weren't until highschool. Lots of after school smoking sessions.


It wasn't until after my senior year that life went wild. Just out of school with no idea what to 'be' when I grew up. Two of my best friends and myself wound up spending every day completely fucked up on something or a little of everything. We would hit every wild party in town. Weed, 'shrooms, acid, peyote, DMT, alcohol...it didn't matter what it was. If there was a drug in town, Mitch knew exactly where to get it and knew which ones were good and which ones were cut with shit. When the town was dry, there was liquor or in more extreme cases, cough syrup, no-doz and tylenol PM. Yeah, all at once. (I wouldn't recommend that unholy trinity to anyone nor will I disclose just how much of each we took. My bro and I were able to stay just this side of sane while Mitch went wild and put on a huge show by eating light bulbs. Yep, 60 watt GE bulbs.) This way of life lasted for an entire year.


Mike never completely got out. My bro stopped after a bad acid trip. I quit it all once pot started to become more dangerous to me than, well, anything else I had done. Yes, pot had actually become more mind altering and reality bending than anything else I had tried. I have never heard of anyone else having a similar problem with weed. It started out wonderful and for every time I smoked, be it days, weeks, or months in between, it took less and less to get me baked. Well, by the end of that crazy year, my tolerance was so low that one, scrawny ass J would hit me so hard, I could barely function, let alone keep hold of a single thought. I couldn't even tell if I was just thinking something or if I had said it out loud. Then I'd wonder if I had said that out loud.


The final straw came one night after one party wound down and another party was starting up across town. Mitch had already relocated to the other house and while my bro and I were trying to find out where it was, the host had us smoke a bowl while he played us some bad ass music he had made on his PC. That's the last thing I remember before waking up the next morning, on the floor of the second party house, when someone spilled Vodka all over me. My bro explained that I drove us both over there, then I spent the next several hours talking to various people, playing video games and having a blast. What good is it if I don't remember it? >.< Worse than that, I take pride in my driving skills as well as my judgement and I should NOT have been on the road that night. So, yeah, that was it for me.


The last ten, squeaky clean years: Went from introverted and slightly shy to full blown recluse, nearly agoraphobic for three or so years. Tons of social anxiety, even becoming physically ill when trying to go in and pick up an application for work. Paranoia set in just leaving my house and I'd get nervous even logging into a chat room. A fucking chat room! I finally dusted off my balls and snagged a job at a convenience store doing stocking. Went fine and had limited customer interaction for a couple months. The company then made it mandatory that apart from management, there were to only be cashiers and the cashiers had to do all stocking and other jobs between customers. I almost quit the day I got tossed on register. I stuck with it and every day it became easier. Got promoted to assistant manager. Was cured of the worst of my shyness through constant social interaction, even if only at a customer service level. Left the store after a couple of years and became a professional driver and mechanic for a local corporation. Several months later, my bro and I now run the corporation.


So, my bro runs things during the day, I've got the night shift. In the office at night, there's usually only myself and one other employee. Everyone in the company is like a big family, so I could easily overlook the other employee working with me coming to work stoned. Lives don't hang in the balance and he does what he's supposed to. He's a good guy, though always got so sad when I'd decline his offers to go to his place and spark up. I finally gave in one morning and...damn! He had some good shit. I had 7 tokes off a joint and got totally ripped up. Yeah, go ahead and laugh :P


Every now and then I go over and smoke with him, though I have to be careful to monitor my intake and not get 'memory eraser' stoned, heh. A few nights back he had some, from the depths of hell's toilet, nasty, dirt weed. It took him four Js to get a buzz. It took half of one to get me to jettison my dinner (just smelling it would turn your stomach) though got me nicely baked. Anyway, he had me meet his connection and she happened to have some ecstasy with her for sale. That was always something I'd wanted to try but never had the chance. I bought two hits and after some research online as well as talking with co-workers who had done it before, I went home and took one. Not bad. Nothing like any of the stories I had heard though. Oh well, it was worth a shot and the shower felt pretty damn good.


I went to bed after about six hours and when I got up, I popped the second hit and planned to be done with ecstasy after the disappointing experience. Both hits were red but I didn't care enough to look at the stamp. The second one was either different or maybe I needed sleep or something. The second hit kicked in like the afterburners of a jet fighter and I was soaring. I loved everyone and all was right with the world and...I wanted to actively socialize! I was on mucks and chat rooms all over, carrying on twelve conversations at once without making anyone wait for a response. Wow.


I was so stoked that my shyness had just vanished so easily. I wasn't prepared, however, when even weeks later, it was still gone! Right on! Of course, I knew of one fur who was all about the chronic and I had heard stories of wild E filled parties at cons so I knew there had to be a group or forum or something where at least a few had gathered online. That's when I found this place. Bitchin'.


So...just like that, I'm back in. Now, I've got a lot more wisdom and am much more responsible than I was during that one reckless year. I've been hitting the bong more regularly and I indulged in a three day E binge this weekend before leaving it alone for a few months. Mmmf, I'm eleven and a half hours in on my third hit (one a day) and still rollin', hence the novel I just wrote ^.^


I suppose I could have just said 'hi'...

Kappy Aug29/08 07:54:59
[Kappy]What a story, its fantastic to have a story on a new face!

You've definitely got the right idea, that's exactly why I'm here! Drugs are one of the easiest ways to open up to people, and who else understands more than those who take them themselves?
I love E! I hope you're having a fantastic time, (or was when you were writing this!) and hope to hear more from you :)
Veil Sep2/08 15:44:05

Oh, I had a blast.  After writing, I went for a long walk in the woods with my ipod.  Got a little dehydrated but not enough to ruin a good time. The yellow scorpions were cut with acid. That's why the damn things lasted forever ^.^


I agree with you about drugs.  What better way to get to know someone than by sharing a conversation and a bowl?  I'm full of crazy stories about things that've happened while under the influence.  Then again, I'm sure most people are who've indulged!