Haphazard howls

The lonely toke

  • Feb6/09 06:33:01

I live in a University town with one state seperating me from Mexico, so everyone around here can get just about anything they want.  Pot is crazy abundant and tons of it is sold every day.  Even many of the cops around smoke.  With it being so 'normal' to get high where I live, why is it so hard to find anyone to smoke with?  My roomies don't care if I smoke but they're done with it so I'm often left to toke alone in my room and space out on my laptop.  I've even gone so far as to put an ad up on Craigslist and got quite a few responses, but then everyone gets paranoid about being arrested even though I'd be the one providing all the goodies, so it wouldn't be them at risk.  As if it's that big of a risk.  I shared a bowl with the chief of police at a party a while back.

 I know I'm just bitching.  I'd just love to find a regular smoke buddy or something.  Maybe one day I'll move somewhere where the local furs aren't all on the self-righteous, drug free bandwagon.  I'm done complaining for now though.