Ethnobotanical Adventures and Such


  • Sep26/08 23:17:19
[Zhayde]Okay, so for the last six days I was staying om a rural mountain village in Nepal. It was pretty cool, getting up early every single morening to cut fodder for the cattle attempting to milk a water buffalo. They have this interestin custom of offereing you this moonshine called  Rakshi, every single time you go to someones house. So everytime I went to visit someone they tried to load me up and get me totally drunk which was fine by me. The stuff tasted pretty good, it was made from distilled millet mash so it was esentiall a very weak whiskey, but it was closer to wine in potency. It tasted like sake. But one of the really funny things was my host "uncle" came up to me one day holding something in his hand and shoved it under my nose and bascially shouted "BHANG!". And for those of you that don't know bhang is the nepali term for weed. And he kept making chillum motions and laughing his ass off so I assumed we were gonna smoke it, but then he gave it to my host mother and I asked him what he was doing with it. He told me its good medicine for the goats, and I said "goats?". Apparently when the goats have diarehha they feed them copious amounts of weed, which stops them up pretty good.  Oh well...
khyberkitsune Oct4/08 16:52:56
[khyberkitsune]Ahh, marijuana. Is there anything it doesn't help?

Frat House Blues

  • Nov30/07 08:31:29
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I dunno why I chose the title "Frat House Blues" cause last night visiting my friend who is pledging was awesome. It seems like the entire fraternity is a bunch of stoners, which is cool. But there are a few brothers there that are a bit eh, how you say, homophobic to the Nth degree. But whatever, its funny cause this frat is where all the awesome gay kids go to party.

We went out back to smoke up and we gathered a crowd of like seven people, which was okay cause they were all cool, but I mean seriously dude, a lotta people.  Of course I was broke so I didn't have any green, but hey thats what good friends are for when your out. I have to hit my main man back up when I get some money though. However the stuff he had was pretty "meh" and he got it for the same price I normally get my stuff, so Im gonna have to try and hook him up. Then of course we went inside and smoked hookah for about an hour and a half. Some of the fucking kids that smoked with us were so stupid, they kept hitting it really hard and coughing their lungs out, almost as if they were trying to hit a bong. Also made some new contacts which is good.

 I think the highlight of the night though was showing all the stupid kids in the dance area how classy and awesome of a drink Gin and Tonic is. Oh they all laughed at me when I ordered it at the bar, but as soon as I brought it under the blacklight and it started glowing brighter than thier shitty glowsticks, I think we knew who the winner was. Yay for actually knowing that Quinine glows under a black light :D

Living in Hippytown is the Shit

  • Nov28/07 08:37:06
[Zhayde]I love the town I live in. Its like someone transplanted half of the upstate vermont into central New York. Hippies, 93 Volkswagons, five headshops on one street, whats not to love? And my guy, who gets me green? The nicest man ever. But I think the best thing about where I live right now is the schools display greenhouse full of plants. Theres A Banisteriopsis Caapi vine, a betel palm, two Salvia Divinorum plants, and a few varieties of psychoactive cacti as well. Plus Im pretty sure one of the professers here has peyote growing in his office.
karma Nov28/07 08:41:11

Haha nice :D

I'm glad you started up a blog man, welcome to the site ^.^

khyberkitsune Nov29/07 15:59:51
[khyberkitsune]W00T for cacti!