another deal that didnt happen

  • Feb7/08 02:41:14
[frying fox]wow that is insane!!! thanks for not letting me sleep karma! i have been up all night researching this whole thing. i cant this stuff its crazy. i suggest anyone that does not know about it go check it out. if they can call enough attention to this to actually destroy the "church" it would really get the ball rolling on other world problems just by showing that regular people can change things with a little work and passion. thats provided that the people that call themselves part of this keep it peaceful on the 10th which for some reason i don't believe will happen  you know somebody  out there will  probably  ruin  it for everyone or it could just not be big enough to matter who knows. i hope it works  i might just go myself who knows. i just think they should be focusing on other issues but it is a good place to start and get the word out there i suppose. but i see why the people Scientology don't believe that it is crazy because they are not told the whole story right away, not until they pay for the higher levels but then its to late they are brainwashed or just cant abandon their investment. wowee thanks for showing me that karma thanks for giving me something to think about, to get my mind off of all the shit going on right now. with no more school and, as of yesterday no more girl friend, i have been pretty lost but seeing that a group of people with a message still have a chance to change something in the world makes me feel good inside because with a tool like the internet there should be no one left in the dark, question everything people...  at least the other happy thought right now is a tile of LSD with some tabs with my name on it for the weekend. :D oh i cant wait.
karma Feb7/08 09:48:40
[karma]you're a nutter :p
khyberkitsune Feb10/08 20:32:53

I have Scientology's secret documents.

The read on Child Dianteics is a laugh. 

  • Feb5/08 16:02:00
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[frying fox]oh sorry if you believe in that stuff karma it has nothing to do with anything its just that the guy that owned the company believes in Scientology,and from what i hear sold off his majority share in the company a not that long ago before they went under. its not that am hating on Scientology, whatever you believe is your problem not mine to worry about. i am just atheist and have a hard time seeing how anyone could believe any of these cults, sorry thats just how i see every religion but hey i am not going to preach at any one about how i fell about it thats why i hate them in the first place, what ever you need to tell yourself to get through the day is fine by me just don't come to me and try to "save" me. and i hate how heavily religion is pushed on children, by the time they are old enough to think for themselves they are to brainwashed with the shit to do anything about it. but the only religion i need is an 8th of shrooms and a few hits of acid, which i believe has taught me way more about life then any of these out dated fairy tails will ever. sorry if all this offends anyone, hope it wont but it could. just the way i see it.


and ya how do i do that Karma? i want to put the whole picture up it is really cool with all kinds of trippy stuff hidden in it.
karma Feb6/08 05:52:24

Err, I actually plan on being at the global anti-scientology demonstration this weekend. this is your call to action.


  • Feb4/08 22:28:30
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[frying fox]haha i dont even remember writing that last post, i woke up this morning drooling on my keyboard, when i lifted my head the K key came off and was stuck to my cheek, it was classic haha.

hmm well everyone it looks like i have been swindled out a lot of time and and money. the wool pulled over my eyes by a crooked running for sheriff in Las Veges and to make matters worse he believes in Scientology! what the fuck am i going to do now? i took out a $70,000 school loan for this shit and now the school goes bankrupt! what the fuck do i do? i did not even get far enough in the class to use it and go somewhere else. the owner cut and run letting the whole company go under along with all 22 schools, 1700 students, and all the employees. now we are all just waiting for something to happen but it is not looking vary good, we are just stuck in limbo for "a few weeks" how ever the hell long that really is until someone buys the company i guess. but for now i am left holding the bill. and i have no idea what i do if it just goes under for good. and even more i don't get to fly anymore which was the thing i looked forward to the most. i guess i could go to another school and get the rest of my hours but i don't know if i can afford it if i get stuck with that bill. all i can do right now is scream WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!! and go smoke a bowl and play some call of duty.

karma Feb5/08 06:21:55
[karma]Huhwhat?? What does scietology boy have to do with it?
karma Feb5/08 06:22:59
[karma]Oh, do you want me to make this box transparent so the background image doesn't overlap with the page background image?
  • Feb4/08 02:38:17
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[frying fox]thanks karma, and i did except your mission and stayed that way all day and topped it off by going winning many games of beer pong. now i think i should go to bed it has been a vary long day and i am tired night everyone.

warm beer at 8am

  • Feb3/08 09:18:19
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[frying fox]

and i made it the sun is up i made it through the night. i feel kind of dirty drinking warm beers at 8am haha but i have not slept yet so its alright in my book, just wish it wasnt warm but a beer is a beer. this is actually my first time ever doing a blog am i doing it right is this how it works? haha its pretty fun just writing somthing that could nerver actually get looked at or sombody might enjoy it its pretty sweet just putting yourself out there for others check out, its a great idea i dont know why i didnt start sooner it is just so much easier to do it around other furs because i dont have to hide anything when i am talking to my friends and stuff i have to hide this part of my life but on here i could just let it all go. i have been listening to music since 2am, its nine now i think the phones are not going to come off until i leave for the super bowl party later. its amazing that i have taken part in downloading all this music and i have never heard some of it. but i lost my zune the other day up on the mountain, that was a sad day 30gigs of my life gone. but the good news is my birthday is coming up next month (21st yahoo!) and i am getting the new 80gig zune with one of the sweet lazer engraved pictures on the back. i almost think i am more excited for the zune then to be 21 haha. i am soo bored the only thing thats keeping me sane is the tunes and my kitty cat. the interweb was quite dead this morning, well atleast the sites i go to. sombody give me somthing to do. please haha alright i need another beer, bye.


 so if anyone actually does read this i would love to make some new friends to talk with on Yahoo IM my username is frostfx just drop me a line.

karma Feb3/08 09:33:14

Warm beer is the best beer and this is your mission, should you choose to accept it: get piss faced.


Also, happy early birthday <-- you see that? that one was for you, buddy. :3