Musings of a Hillbunny Stoner

I'm back.......

  • Dec6/11 17:04:07

Tis I, kaninchen, now known as Budz Bunny.  I've been gone for three months with a dead computer, no electricity, burned out, and near full-time involvement with Occupy Nashville, part mof Occupy Wallstreet.  I have no weed but am making up for it with alcohol...  Glad to be back!  Where's Misako?


  • Aug26/11 10:10:15

We need little badges we can add to thersites to bring folks in here...Badges?  We don' need no STEENKEENG badges!...NOT true!

  • Aug9/11 09:29:24

Musings of a Hillbunny Stoner

  • Aug1/11 20:31:26
  • Edited Aug1/11 20:36:36

This week is FAT BUNNY WEEK on FA!  I'm in heaven!  Being a rabbit and having USED to weigh 500 pounds 6 years ago, this is right up my alley!  (I'm 230 pounds, 6'3" tall and am STILL losing weight.)  I submitted a photo of one of my pet rabbits, Rainbow (RIP).  He was fat and playful and affectionate and friendly!  He even liked to be held and carried (MANY rabbits DON'T)!  He will be sorely missed!  I really LIE FA now.  I am becoming popular there and have discovered famous furry artists live-streaming them selves doing art.  Most of them are stoners and we toke and chat while watching AMAZING art being done.  I want a picture of my fursona as a chibi grinning and hugging a GIANT green carrot with with weed, colas, and palm leaves bushing out of the top of the carrot!  maybe call it, "'Juana Toke?


kaninchen Aug3/11 11:25:57 edited Sep7/11 02:58:44

My power may go off today so I'd like to share this these thoughts.  The government is no longer able to adequately support the American People, so the American people should support themselves.  I recently received stewardship of a farm where I will reside, to become as self-sufficient and as independent as I possibly can,since the government has so badly failed at helping folks like us, and has let us down so badly in it seems everything we I WILL support and cooperate with the government where I am supposed to and will do LITERALLY everything I can to eliminate government influence in my life WHERE I CAN LEGALLY DO SO WITHOUT HARM TO THE GOVERNMENT AND/OR MYSELF!
Violence and overthrow of the government is ridiculous and counterproductive.  Instead, work to supply as many utilities and needs as you possibly can, YOURSELF!    Where you can produce EXTRA, share with others that are not able to produce those things well, they, in turn, can share the extra things they have with you. I'm not advocating being in communes or back to the land per se, I am just saying look around at the things you have and figure out ways to use and/or increase their potential, then help folks in need, and help them learn to discover, develop, and produce the things they are best able to and share them with the people that have need of those things!  That way everyone can benefit and not put a strain on the government or on ITS resources.

I'm back!!!!!

  • Jul14/11 18:44:35

After 6 weeks with NO internet, I am back.  I have a new ISP and am busy preparing to move to my new farm.  I paln to make a Furry getaway there.  I am getting some pretty good photos of my WIP but it is SLOW going by myself.