Stoner Mongoose

  • Oct28/08 08:58:00
  • Edited Oct28/08 08:58:13
  • Feeling Wake'n Bake?

So, uh, HI GUYS.

 This is AMSTERDAM over at Furaffinity, but someone had totally ganked my noma over here. Figures. XD

 Just fourd this site, so hopefully you'll start seeing my art around here on a regular basis!

Kappy Oct28/08 09:09:12 edited Oct28/08 09:21:40


I'm more than estatic to see you here! *glee*!
Edit because I dont want to spam you with comments (yet), if you do wanna start a collab you can hit me up via email whenever you're ready!
Or if you wanted to discuss.
[email protected]

karma Oct28/08 19:42:02
[karma]Hey Amsterdam, welcome to 420furs ^.^