yo yoo im neww up in this bitchh!!!

  • Nov19/08 13:47:17
  • Listening To rudimentary peni
  • Feeling friedddd
  • Smoking a out of a can son!!
[punkwolf]yooo everyone im new here!!! soo like intoduce yourself to me and maybe ill smoke u up at a con
Kensuke_Kitty Nov19/08 13:49:43
[Kensuke_Kitty]Hiya.  Knowing your name might make it easier for us to get to know you.
karma Nov19/08 17:07:52
Foggy Nov19/08 17:12:05
[Foggy]'ello thar Punk! WE really need to smoke at a con again, was bad ass by the river at AC with the huge bottle of Evan William's too
MarijuannaCub Jul12/09 13:29:47
Lol, oh the river at AC. That litterally is the best spot to smoke at any con. Not just smoke either, but booze and poppers and DOM. Oh the flashbacks. Whats up dude, I'm Circa Fox, and you are????