The key to WEEDICRON

HAPPY 420!!!

  • Apr20/14 09:32:53
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well, i've nearly exausted all of my cash, but why not? Today i get to treat them to pot, some extra cheese pizza...and my general awesomeness

Not going as planned...

  • Oct22/09 11:47:44
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so i've been steadily upgrading my computers to their highest OS capability. the older systems i keep around for the games and programs that arent X64. in this i have a problem. those older systems cant go on the net, but they are the only ones that interface with my cameras. trying to network on vista is a pain in the tail.

i just really need Windows 7. 

random misadventures pot and videogames soon to come. PROMISE. 

allright! FIRST POST!!

  • Sep13/09 01:50:17
  • Smoking a lovin the bong

at first i was on DA...stayed for a few years... even now ya still catch alotta flak for being a furry. got sick of the stupidity they could pull...delete half your gallery if they feel like it. by some odd chance i find this place. furries...who are stoners?! SCORE!!!

cant promise ill be to active as far as blogs go, but ill get some art up or links to misadventures via the youtube.


Kensuke_Kitty Sep13/09 01:59:36

Yeah, furry stoners, we're here and we're real.  :D


Glad to have you around.

Bitemefurfags Sep20/09 04:43:55
Repent for cthuhlu, for none shall be spared in the great mindfucking of us all.  Oh and Yiff in hell furfags.
Arisun Sep29/09 02:25:04
[Arisun]I would but C'thuns not too nice of a guy, I really don't like being eaten alive and stuck in a stomach. I was yiffin' in hellfire last night, 'twas a time.
John St. Malice Apr9/10 21:29:24
[John St. Malice]

Ahhhh. yiffin in great when youre bored. or just horny. SMOKE IT UP!