The key to WEEDICRON

Fallout 76

  • Nov22/18 03:11:24
  • Smoking a Gelato Hybrid Vape

Tonight, I'm gonna be hitting my vape, playing fallout, and waking up to stuff my face full of turkey

Anybody Vape?

  • Nov7/18 04:43:34

just putting this out there, i got a spinner 3s mod, 1650mah (s'awright) and some SKYWALKER OG


  • Nov2/18 16:05:57
  • Listening To Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge
  • Smoking a Bowl

I'm SO GLAD the site is BACK!

HAPPY 420!!!

  • Apr20/14 09:32:53
  • Listening To teckno
  • Feeling EXCITED
  • Smoking a water bubbler

well, i've nearly exausted all of my cash, but why not? Today i get to treat them to pot, some extra cheese pizza...and my general awesomeness

GrandmaTempo Aug7/18 03:00:27

So, like, do you know how to work this site?

Not going as planned...

  • Oct22/09 11:47:44
  • Listening To goddess pandora
  • Feeling slightly annoyed
  • Smoking a Bong hits to stimulate my brainz


so i've been steadily upgrading my computers to their highest OS capability. the older systems i keep around for the games and programs that arent X64. in this i have a problem. those older systems cant go on the net, but they are the only ones that interface with my cameras. trying to network on vista is a pain in the tail.

i just really need Windows 7. 

random misadventures pot and videogames soon to come. PROMISE.