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  • Jan10/08 09:39:37
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Hi everyone. My name is pointly. Read the following if you care about people with issues or piss off!!!

 I'm depressed over a lost lover. He left me and went with my EX. Yes I'm gay. I'm at the point of wanting to die. I'm desperate for a mate and friends to talk to. I have been abandoned by my family and friends.



Please someone with a heart please help me....


Love your little kitty (pointly)

Kensuke_Kitty Jan10/08 09:50:18
[Kensuke_Kitty]Not gonna find any sympathy here, emoboy.  I'll give you a hint, though, labeling yourself as 'desparate' is a stupid thing to do.
karma Jan10/08 13:38:25 edited Jan10/08 13:39:51

Wow, what a mindfuck. Well, welcome to Bakedfurs - where people generally do drugs because they like having a good time and dealing with issues - not having them, so much. Now, I believe in being helpful, when I have the time, so here goes in point form:

    • Anyone who has lost a lover gets depressed over it, but dying won't help you get laid again
    • Telling folks one wants to bang - or potential bangees - that you're depressed, have issues, etc. does not make one look attractive
    • Pounced.Org - keep it in the cesspool pls
    • Smoke a fucking bowl, guy. Relax. For serious. D:
I can assure you from personal experience that people suck, nothing lasts forever, and unless you can grow a pair and take shit in stride you're about as useless as a tit on a bull.
John St. Malice Apr9/10 22:30:03
[John St. Malice]

OMG... I fell the same... maybe we co- FUCK THAT! as the wise (and somehow... omnipotent) Karma has pointed out. SMOKE A FUCKING BOWL> this site was made for stoners, and drug users, people who relax, and have fun with life, not just spend time moping about.