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Stoners and college campus

  • Dec9/07 23:21:08
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Contary to the straight edge belief, there is a shitload of pot smokers in colleges.  I currently attend the New England School of Communications in Maine, majoring in radio broadcasting.  The number of communication majors who smoke dope is absolutely staggering ;)

So, we all love to smoke pot.  But here we are stuck on a campus, with rules such as no smoking (cigarettes) 50 feet within the building, no kitchen, one bathroom per floor, and many other lovely inconveniences.  Of course that will stop none of us from smoking our dope.....and I begin with my story.  This is horribly long, but it's my first real blog here,and I guarentee nothing else I type up in the future will be such a dreadful wall of text.


I started off the semester quite nicely.  My first night here I took a pleasant walk along the outer campus road and smoked a joint, quite professionally rolled by one of my best friends from my hometown.  Easy trick for j's in public...if you smoke it like a cigarette, people will think it's a cigarette.  Suspicion diminishes. Stoner gets stoned.  Anyway, the very next day I started looking for smoke spots.  In the rear parking lot there is a gargantuan pile of dirt, the reasons for which I still am oblivious of.  If one were to walk behind this humongous dirt pile, one would notice a woodsy area on the other side, and a rather conenient bit of privacy.  This here was my peaceful solo burn spot for the first few weeks of school.  mp3 player, check.  Beverage, check.  Already packed glass pipe with the ganja protected by some cellophane, hidden inside a cotton pouch? Check.  Behind the dirt pile I go.  What a pleasant burn, and a most amusing walk back.

 Of course it wasn't long before I developed friends.  We found other smoking spots, especially among the trails in the surrounding woods.  Now, everyone in the US knows how risky it can be to smoke pot sometimes.  With a college campus?  Think of it like a come-and-go-as-you-please prison with constant security officers and Residential Advisors on duty whose goal is to catch you doing something or anything wrong, for the sake of writing you up. 

First encounter: Me and four friends smoke a full bowlpack in my glass piece, and we figure it's a good idea to do it on TOP of the dirt pile mentioned earlier.  We can see everywhere around us.  after 5-10 minutes, I see a figure in dark clothing walk around our area...and I notice something shiny on his shirt. I inform my friends, and after a look around and no sign of him, we continue.  No more than a couple minutes later, he comes up that hill. A young security officer, a junior in the criminal justice department of Husson, the school that NESCom shares a campus with.  He informs us that we are not allowed to be up here, and we bullshit our way through the ordeal (I'm sure it REEKED like pot).

Second encounter: After smoking about a gram in the woods with my friends, I return to my room and throw my pipe (still in its cotton pouch) into the top drawer of my desk.  I have about a half gram of pot left, inside a locked security box, along with some clear papers.  At the time, my roommate was around and I did not want to take the time to deal with my lock box.  I go outside, smoke a cigarette and engage in baked conversation with my classmates and friends.  15 minutes later, I return to my room to grab my mp3 player and rush out...but when I arrive, I see my door wide open...and a campus security officer (we call them campo for short), and the Residence Director in my room.  After having gone through my roommates stuff and then confirming that I am the other roommate, the female campo bitch says to me "Could you please show us the marijuana that you have."  I'm baked, there's campo in my room, and she phrased it like she KNEW I had it.  On top of that...there was a $55 glass pipe two drawers above my weed that I was NOT about to loose.  I calmly opened my drawer, unlocked my box, and gave them my .5-.7g of weed.  They also confiscated my papers and No-Doz (bastards keeping me from saying awake!).  So here it is.  My first time EVER getting caught with pot. I later learn that someone complained that they witnessed marijuana in my room, and I know that it was not my roommate, as he is nuetral to it (he doesnt want to try it, but has no problem with it at all).  As punishment, I am put on a zero tolerance policy and kicked off of campus for two weekends.  Shitty shit :P



Now...first semester's almost over.  Over a foot of snow covers the ground, eliminating the wood trails, and making most burn sessions frigid, cold, and uncomfortable.  Cars are our salvation, and the white snow doesn't help seclude us any.  I have had two more encounters with security since, and both times they were just being pricks and trying to bust us (with one time, we had a car follow us all the way around that dirt pile and all the way back to the dorm hall!  Persistant motherfuckers, ain't they?), but they didn't succeed.

Hm...I hope my first blog was at least somewhat interested and that I did not sound like a drone.  sorry for the length!  Peace, all :)

Riochef Dec10/07 02:54:00

ARGH!  I can't believe you gave it to them!  If it was locked away, they couldn't really prove anything, and you shouldn't get searched for a 'complaint,' (they can't get you for a smell either) unless you had to sign something stating that it was OK for anyone to look through your personal belongings without a warrant.  You coulda got off if you used your head and your rights... no offense.

Next time, if you have a window in your room, and you are alone or with other stoners (not your roommate), crack that window, small fan on low blowing out, and if you're really concerned about the smell (I never understood why, considering smoked MJ's smell dissapates after 30 seconds) Febreeze works wonders.

Or you can use the paper towl tube/dryer sheet ghetto rigging. 


I've had a few close calls, but never got caught by anyone other than my dad, who decided to steal my car and do some snoopin. 

karma Dec10/07 07:06:34



*cries for you*


Look, get a couple buddies together for next semester and get house hunting now. It ususally costs the SAME or LESS than a dorm for four or five people to split rent on a house and you get to do whatever the hell you want. Besides, as cute as the frat boy image is, campus digs are no chick or dude magnet. ^.~

ShevvyCoon Dec10/07 07:45:40

Heheh...well, I gave it to them because I was rather baked and scared shitless, and they first said that they smelled it (which is impossible because I haven't smoked in my room since the second week here), and they also had searched my roommate's shit.  They claimed they were about to search mine (without my permission) when I arrive.  Please keep in mind that this is a private school, and in private schools, they try to pretty much do whatever they want =/  Along with that, I lost about $7 of weed...and I had a highly resinated, large, $55 glass pipe in just one or two drawers above it, which I was NOT letting them knwo about.  They asked me if I had any paraphernalia of course (I also had my acryllic bong w/ glass slide in a box in my closet), but I denied it, obviously. 

And as far as the smell going away after 30 seconds...that is definitely not true.  My friend Shane and I smoke in his room sometimes using a certain fashion, and 20 minutes later a buddy of ours who doesn't smoke comes in "....Did you guys smoke in here?  It smells kind of like weed."  How good you smell the scent kind of depends on how much you smoke, or how often you actually smell it.  Someone totally used to the scent of dope will not notice it like someone who hasn't smoked in four months.  On top of that, it also depends on how enclosed the area is (if you clambake/hotbox your vehicle, it can smell for hours).  And for the smell, I had some Anti-Tobacco aerosol room freshener.  Makes all the odors go poof :3


And for WHY I live on campus?  Money.  My room and board is basically covered by scholarships, grants and loans, along with the rest of my tuition fee.  I do not have a vehicle because I come from a very poor family (my family itself had no car for years), and that makes it even harder to get a job.  I had applied at 5 different places within walking distance (having to find places within walking distance also hurts a lot x_x), but had no luck.  Looking for an apartment?   Me and my friends would no money for a downpayment, security deposit, and then we'd need to pay weekly rent?  Lol.


DidjFox Dec10/07 09:18:34
[DidjFox]Tip: Look around for a product called nilodour. That's the stuff that kept me employed while I ws working at .PL ^_^... God damn was I misreable there. Anyways, yeah, it's groovy. A small bottle of the stuff will give you 200 applications, and costs about 4 canadian dollars =3 . It's an odour neutrilizer that can clean stink off shit. And you feel pretty badass carrying a little green vial around with you all day =) .
karma Dec10/07 13:30:13
[karma]Down payment on a non-leased home or apartment is generally just first and last month's rent; why would you need to pay weekly rent? If you got paid the same amount monthly you would still have just as much money; you would just have to save some from week to week. As far as job hunting goes there's gotta be more than 5 places around the college; even out in the country towns get built around colleges. In my experience it also generally takes handing out 20-30 resumes to get hired, especially if you're aiming high. Don't be discouraged, and don't be afraid to work in a coffee shop; money is money and if you're relying on scholarships and loans income is going to be critical to enjoying comfortable student years.
Riochef Dec10/07 14:15:33
[Riochef]Looking for cash, and still want to smoke the holy bud?  Non-chain Restuarants.  THe profit margin is so low that they usually just say you COULD get a drug test, but probably won't follow through unless they're positive you're coming to work high.
karma Dec10/07 16:26:19
[karma]Oh, you have drug testing in America, I forgot. What a silly little country :(

So this is BakedFurs...

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[ShevvyCoon] we are.  I have heard of this group before, but never quite stumbled upon it.  Well, here I am, might as well make the most out of it!  This will be my introductory blog. 18 year old raccoon in Maine, college freshman.  Drinks on occasion, smokes butts and burns dope daily.  Owns one glass pipe, one metal pipe, one glass bong, one acryllic bong, and a homemade gravity bong.  Music-wise, he loves every sort of metal, but also has a taste for certain alternative rock acts, particularly from the 90's.  Been a furry since age 13, been a toker since 15.  Attempted to grow plants several times, but laziness and lack of equipment lead this to failure. 

Blog start!

karma Dec10/07 07:00:27
[karma]Welcome to the smokey fold ^.^