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Hitler's B-Day!

  • Mar28/10 17:35:11

well April is quickly approaching and that means 4-20 is right around the corner, and i thought id see what you stoner furs are up to,

im trying to get a camping trip (heh heh, trip) together, but with us moving soon and trying to get a new job it might not go as planed

so whats everyone else's plans for the big day?

Miko Fox Mar29/10 19:11:12
[Miko Fox]Gonna hike up to the woods with half an ounce and a ten strp of acid for 4 people. That is, if all goes well. But something will probably come up. Sigh.Cry
Rykan Apr8/10 02:28:36
[Rykan]Me and my friends have been on a T-break since the beginning of April. I recently purchased an O of mids, a friend will have at least a half of chronic and an O of mids, maybe more. Not to mention the others who will most likely have mids of their own. Planning on making hash oil from said mids, mixing into cupcakes, eating cupcakes, smoking oil, chronic, and a huge, near nine inch blunt, pre-rolled cone ;) Shall be high times indeed.