You ever stop to think, then forget to start again?

Hitler's B-Day!

  • Mar28/10 14:35:11

well April is quickly approaching and that means 4-20 is right around the corner, and i thought id see what you stoner furs are up to,

im trying to get a camping trip (heh heh, trip) together, but with us moving soon and trying to get a new job it might not go as planed

so whats everyone else's plans for the big day?

Miko Fox Mar29/10 16:11:12
[Miko Fox]Gonna hike up to the woods with half an ounce and a ten strp of acid for 4 people. That is, if all goes well. But something will probably come up. Sigh.Cry
Rykan Apr7/10 23:28:36
[Rykan]Me and my friends have been on a T-break since the beginning of April. I recently purchased an O of mids, a friend will have at least a half of chronic and an O of mids, maybe more. Not to mention the others who will most likely have mids of their own. Planning on making hash oil from said mids, mixing into cupcakes, eating cupcakes, smoking oil, chronic, and a huge, near nine inch blunt, pre-rolled cone ;) Shall be high times indeed.

Sex Addiction

  • Mar23/10 15:11:45

WARNING: the following is an inane rant and if you should feel offended by anything stated in the following then TS

so i was at work today and a co-worker was helping me sort the Addiction section (it has books on how to quit smoking, drinking or other addictions) and i came across the book Sex Addicts Anonymous.

as i think this is a load of crap, i scoffed and made a sarcastic comment. now the co-worker did not appreciate this apparently and told me i shouldn't "mock those who suffer from addiction"

im sorry at what point does one "suffer" from a sex addiction? Heroin, thats an addiction you suffer from, Cocaine, thats an addiction!

the definition of addiction is:  compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (i.e. heroin, nicotine, etc.) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal

im sorry Tiger, do you get the shakes and start vomiting when you don't f*ck for a few days?

i love sex and i wish i was having it now, does that make me an addict? i also wish i had some ice cream, i guess im addicted to ice cream now, damn!

saying your addicted to sex is like saying your addicted to chocolate, they're just people who have no self control and want everyone to think its not they're fault by labeling it as a problem they cant control

*sigh* why do we feel the need to have sympathy for stupid people?

Miko Fox Mar23/10 16:47:48
[Miko Fox]

Haha! I know what you mean man, I used to have a pain killer addiction, if I didn't do some morphine or pop a couple percocet every few hours I'd throw up, get headaches, get pissed off ect. But SEX!? HA! I could never need rehab for banging. Can you imagine?

"Please doctor! Help me! I just, j- j-, I  just can't stop orgasming! I need serious help!" :O 

bong talent

  • Mar17/10 13:36:43

so i got to go to the Billy talent concert last night for my sisters birthday and i have to say it was an amazing show

the cancer bats were great, alexisonfire was amazing, and billy talent was the best performance ive ever seen at a live show

and of course this being a saddledome show by the time the 3rd band came out the place smelt like a southern Californian university dormroom

but by the time Billy Talent made it out the place smelt more like a Cannabis cup celebration and when they started theyre set there were green spotlights on the mosh pit and all you could see were clouds of smoke pouring out

i was fortunate to be on the second level so i got to see all the idiots get tackled by security and enjoy my joints without getting trampled

all in all it was a pretty fantastic night

if billy talent is ever playing near you i highly (snicker) recommend getting tickets!

till next time, keep an eye on your bowls!

Sinz Lynxcat 

FFFFFFFFFF-or why you should always check who's at the door before opening it

  • Feb28/10 16:50:05
  • Edited Feb28/10 16:53:38

let me set the scene for you:

im sitting in my room, blitzed out of my skull (as usual), its around noon and im the only one home.

so i hear the doorbell ring. now im rather cozy at this point so i mutter a few expletives and get up with as much disdain as humanly possible to answer the door.

i swing the door open without checking the peep hole and standing there is a member of the Calgary Police, now in a sober state of mind i know my rights and have nothing to fear from the police, but im not in a sober state of mind

im now standing at the door staring at the cop, franticly thinking, till finally he says "hello, im constable Blanky McBlank (not going to post his real name obviously) im not interrupting anything am i?" 

"of course not officer, what can i do for you?" i reply as calm as i can (which didnt sound very calm when i heard it coming out of my mouth)

the cop explained he was responding to a noise complaint (which we called about the night before) and was letting us know that he talked to the neighbors and if it happened again to give them a call

then as hes leaving he says "you seem kinda nervous and your eyes are all red, are you alright?" and being so used to this question, without thinking i say "oh im just high"......crap

so he looks at me and asks "did you just say your high?" "yes.......high on my love for Jesus Christ" 

the cop just laughs and tell me to have a good day.


Moral: A. check who's at the door and B. i am very stupid person when im stoned 

 -Sinz Lynxcat 

Miko Fox Mar1/10 17:28:35
[Miko Fox]Great story dude. Lmao. Nice cover. Very good moral thereCool
swiftfox Mar8/10 12:32:49
that's probably one of the best covers I've ever heard in my entire life... props for coming up with that on the fly!
John St. Malice Mar9/10 22:04:04
[John St. Malice]

*laughs* holy shit! thats fucked man, totally fucking fucked. although, thats some pretty decent thinking! Hats off to you, a shot of tequila!!


Intro to insanity

  • Feb25/10 15:28:23
  • Edited Feb25/10 15:29:11

Howdy furs of all species, colours, and states of intoxication,

the names Sinz Lynxcat, ive been kickin around the fandom for a few years and been a stoner for as long as a i can remember (which is probably connected somehow...)

I take pride in being a Canandian stoner furry, and think of lying on my roof, blazed out of my skull, to be heaven on earth

i will try to post my random thoughts here, but be prepared to not understand a damn thing i say!

 -Sinz Lynxcat 

Kappy Feb26/10 14:29:52

Nice to see ya here, Sinz! It's nice to see another local face around these parts! <3

Miko Fox Feb26/10 18:38:51
[Miko Fox]I look forward to em. :) Nice to have ya
khyberkitsune Feb26/10 19:30:30
[khyberkitsune]Welcome to oddworld. Have a beer and a joint, find a place to flop!