• Feb27/10 16:49:01
[Styx]Hi, I'm new here, you may remember me from FA users such as Styxandstoned and Xyts.  I am a psychonaut-dream artist, I love drugs and am very open.  I'll talk about most anything, so dont be shy.  I think this is a sweet site, I was waiting for a furry/drug mixture, we almost even have a sub-subculture all our own!

I'll be posting some tripped out art occasionally if I remember to.  If you like my art, check me out on FA as Styxandstoned.
SinzLynxcat Feb27/10 18:02:55


you have some very beautiful art! cant wait to see more

John St. Malice Mar9/10 22:00:24
[John St. Malice]Ha, I remember you... and i agree! 420furs finally exists *sighs* a home on the interwebs...