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what is wrong with the world

  • Jul22/09 17:58:08
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[Peaches]LOTS OF THINGS. what should we do about it, if we can even do anything anymore? i know that most of the problems revolve around money and power. perhaps this money and power needs to be shifted to a different group of people.
Kensuke_Kitty Jul22/09 18:05:26

Note to self:

No drunk blogging.

khyberkitsune Jul23/09 10:01:31
[khyberkitsune]Remove the money and remove the power.
Kappy Aug4/09 00:18:10

Unfortunately it all kind of plays into one equation, Money + Power = Corruption, its inevitable!

The biggest difference we can make is only on ourselves and our own realities, most people overlook it but in all honesty I think its the single most life changing decision anyone could ever make..


  • Jul11/09 15:12:18
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attention online world! you can once again rest in peace! peaches now has a new laptop and is able to access the interweb universe! hurray for meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!


khyberkitsune Jul12/09 22:21:23
[khyberkitsune]Welcome back to t3h intarw3bs

what's real anymore

  • Jun23/09 14:01:04
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[Peaches]it bugs me sometimes how little we know about the world we live in. that's my favourite part about being a furry. it lets me place blame on all the silly ignorant old humans who run our world. i think my fantasies about being a fox and sonic and all that junk have more emotional truth to them than the very media that reports our world's findings, or the people who are in charge of handling our world's conflicts. this iranian election drama has me confused, because i'm not sure exactly how much of what i hear is the truth. both sides have their views, theories and such, but i'm just a kid in canada. how much can i really know about the inner-doings of the iranian government, especially in combination with other governments who may want to influence them in any which way? how do i know that what i'm hearing over here has any more truth to it than what is being reported over there? those kids at tehran university are pretty awesome. they certainly beat out carlton, who would never have the balls to protest stephen harper like that. (but we all know that harper is immune to protests with those thick thick sweaters). our governments are something corporate. how are they being run and who owns them? what else do they own?

dry times

  • May11/09 13:41:08

so without as much booze and weed to occupy my time these days, i'm again in the position of finding a job and reflecting on my life. boooooo!


 so i've got one year left of school to go and i'm currently job hunting for the summer like the rest of the student sheep herd. i'm not quite sure where to begin because the task of finding a job seems so daunting, but it really isn't. i just have to kick my butt into shape. another subject, exercise. i need some. 


i guess i thought i had more to say. sorry :p 

more life!

  • Mar20/09 22:01:08
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hey, how ya doin, i'm in a yappy typish mood tonight and my spellchecker's broken!!! rejoice!! all is well in peachcakeville.


school is going steady and i have just over a year left. the feeling is great. awesome, even. i have a beautiful boyfriend, wrapping up school, earning some money from a slow and steady part time job (enough to put food on the table), and the weather is even getting nicer. spring is my favourite season because of its innate positivity. things grow, blossom, are created, become warmer and closer. the main downside is the pollen, allergies and the first wave of sick everyone catches as soon as it warms up. i miss my family and my grandmother recently suffered a minor stroke, but she is doing well and they're all coming up to visit around Easter, which will be nice.


my older brother and i talked today and he's doin great. my little brother is doing well too, anticipating to hear back from some schools. he might be coming up near me in the fall which would be awesome and weird at the same time. i wonder how much time we'd spend together now that we don't live together. heh. i guess i'll see him every now and then. 


my birthday is coming up soon, and even though i'm slowly outgrowing the whole birthday thing (not because i'm getting old, cough), i love thinking about the scientific beauty of it all. somehow, my sperm beat out a trillion others to meet up with this egg and then 9 months later, bam, i exist. how does it happen? it's amazing. 


anyways, i hope you became as happy reading this as i was typing it because i'm feelin great these days :D