Dingo Psychonautics

A start!

  • Nov29/07 22:01:53
  • Listening To Kahlua's purrin'
  • Feeling is high
  • Smoking a blunt

A quick post before I head out to pick out my roommate.


I wish I knew this site existed a long time ago...haha.


I love this community already. 

karma Nov30/07 19:06:49
[karma]Yay! Welcome to the site ^.^
UtahDingo Dec1/07 21:02:11
Well, I love you.
khyberkitsune Dec2/07 11:29:28
[khyberkitsune]welcome to the fun :)
DidjFox Dec5/07 00:20:18
[DidjFox]You win at life :D
Kezra May15/12 12:52:28

You have a cat called Kahlua?

That is the best.