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A word of advice....

  • Nov11/08 14:08:33
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So this goes out to all those residing in the good ol' US o' A

If you be growin... KEEP IT ON THE D fuckin L!!!!

I happened to get busted right before this weekend with two lil personal planties....

And I got to spend four whole days in the Criminal Justice Center or otherwise known as JAIL!!!

3 grand later and I get to walk out.... But the charges? FOURTH DEGREE FELONY!!!

Can you believe it? I got charged with a higher degree of felony and higher bond than a guy who had kidnapped his

kid from his wife and gunpoint, a guy who had breakin and enterin and robbery, and a man who beat up his pregnant wife!!!!

Fuckin incredible!

Yes thats right growin your own smoke so ya can avoid all them gangstas and sheeit  is MORE illegal than beatin your wife,

kidnappin and robbery!!!!

SO to all yall who be growin... keep it on the dl k?

THEY can bust you with incriminating pics on the net....

Anyways... I might be facing 2-8 years for this sheeit, but I hope they cut me some slak cuz this is first offense....

Who in their right fuckin mind outlaws plants anyway huh?!?

Might as well outlaw pine trees... I think it would have the same overall effect.


They will fuck you just as hard if your nice to them or treat them like the pieces of shit that they are.

Ill have to post some pics on what they did to my place in the process of searchin it.... My ride too.

Well there ya have it, sorry about the bitchn but sometimes ya just gotta tell somebody.


Kensuke_Kitty Nov11/08 14:26:57
[Kensuke_Kitty]Way to post pics online.  Most of us don't need to be thrown in jail to figure out that's a dumb idea.
Kappy Nov12/08 10:08:32

Shit, this sucks dude.
Ignore Kensuke, he's being a sore bitch.

 I hope you can deal with the reprocussions of this, it just sounds like a load of bullshit to start with. Makes me appreciate being in Canada a little bit.. little *little* bit.

Good luck, Andrew!

Kensuke_Kitty Nov13/08 12:52:24
[Kensuke_Kitty]Ignore Kappy for the same reason.
Kappy Nov13/08 19:09:32
[Kappy]hurr hurr witty response is witty
khyberkitsune Nov15/08 04:31:17

Wow, that sucks.

 Glad I live in California and have my medical license to grow.

 Even have my own growing program :)

Move out here.

And we have a cannabis business degree out here, as well WOOT.

khyberkitsune Nov15/08 04:32:23

Oh I forgot you should be fighting that with a civil rights/constitutional lawyer. There's a thing about "Excessive, unusual, or cruel punishment" that looks like a certain judge needs a refresher on.


Make sure you sue the judge personally, not the gov't - makes it LOADS easier to win.

americanheadpiece Nov17/08 11:41:37

Thanks Kappy and Kitsune,

Ill take your advice... Colorado is pretty good about medical MJ and I shall be getting my liscense as soon as this clears over...

I am gonna try for deferred sentencing, so at least it won't be on my record when its all over with. 

Ill find out whats going to happen on friday. (court date). I hope my public defender is good, cuz I have heard a lot of bad things about them.

It sucks being a broke ass college student. 

I swear they should change the pledge of allegence to "...with liberty and justice to those who can afford it." 

O and btw kensuke, I dinna post pics online and that is not how they busted me. Just giving some advice to alot of people who have pics of growin on this site.

Keep growin! Just be a little more discreet about it. 

A bit new to this... sorry

  • Sep6/08 22:23:16
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Hey all

So this would be the first blog I ever attempted so I suppose I am just gonna get to introductions...

I just found this site yesterday and I have to admit I find it fascinating.

As of a week ago I had no idea that even a fur-culture existed let alone a stoner variant.

So a bit about me...

I am a glass artist and have been so since '06. I make my income off of my glasswork which mostly

consists of smoking accesories large and small. 

 SO... I decided to join this site and throw a blog on it because I am so amazed at the incredible amount of 

soul and emotion I find in the art posted here. Inner-self portraits I guess. (Kappy is phenomenal BTW)

Which brings me to this...

Am I a fur? - Maybe... I find fur-culture to be most intriguing, a epitome of hyper-reality (Look it up on wikipedia... pretty neat philosophy)

fursonality? - I imagine only deep self inquiry can reveal this. What does your soul look like?

So I'll kick a question out to all those bored enough to be reading this: (Maybe a reply might ease your boredom eh?)

 What is your story? This is a pretty esoteric subculture to be apart of; you must have your reasons.




WELL thats enough for now.

-Andrew, humble spectator

 Smoque Chronique







Kappy Sep7/08 08:47:57 edited Sep7/08 08:48:05

Forgive me, but OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG a glass artist!! Thats _awesome_. I'd LOVE to see some of your work if you have pictures to post!!
I totally blushed at the phenomenal remark!

As to how I really got into the subculture, it kind of happened before I realized it was happening. I had started out with the art (having loved pretending to be an animal during playtime way too often.. I was about 12 when I originally found the entrance to the fandom) and soon had a "fursona" before I even knew what they were. At the time it was a fan character based off of the Lion King, but it was the start!

I keep wondering how I got introduced to Bakedfurs originally (which is now 420furs.org) but I can't think of it, although I'm sure its of word of mouth through the friends I've met in the community.
 The fun part now comes after meeting the friends, journeys to find them across the world! I'd love to chill and smoke with some of the people I've met here, I hope you do too :)

Hit up the #Bakedfurs or #420furs IRC chat whenever you can! You'll for sure catch me there at one point, and hopefully get to meet some of the other users! ♥

americanheadpiece Sep7/08 19:41:23

I shall throw on some cached imgs I have on my Facebook for now. I will try and post some of my more

recent work soon. I guess they would be in my user galleries...

americanheadpiece Oct17/08 12:15:48

Blowing glass on mebeam today...

420furs room...