Resin... eww

  • Mar20/10 00:58:27
  • Smoking a Black goo... :(

Any tips/tricks on working with resin? Currently hurting for weed, and am trying to make this experience as pleasant as possible.




Kensuke_Kitty Mar20/10 01:01:57 edited Mar20/10 01:02:14

Edged art knife is your best be for harvesting it in hard to reach places.


 There's lots to know and lots of stuff you can do with resin, it's hard to find a place to start.

Kappy Mar20/10 12:25:56

I just harvested my resin, myself!
depending on what you use, will be how you can resurrect your thc! I scrape my bowl pieces! The easiest way to get it out is to heat up the bowl first with a lighter (just hover the flame under it for a while) until the resin gets warm, then you can use anything to scrape it out.. I've used screw drivers, paper clips and my favorite is a bobby pin (hair pin) if you can get your hands on one! I recommend harvesting it into a seperate container, then you can load it back into the bowl, or cover it with kief before loading it! YUM YUM, resin gets you SUPER high

Miko Fox Mar20/10 16:08:08 edited Mar20/10 16:09:09
[Miko Fox]

Yeah I'm with Kappy on that one. Heat it first, it'll save you a lot of work in the long run. For me, box cutters are a good length and good at removing resin. Heat the blade first, it'll help loosen the resin when you scrape it.Wink

Man, hate it when everyone's dry and I have to resort to resin scraping. Tough times...

I'm back

  • Mar11/10 21:39:57
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After a stint of sobriety that ended dramatically in a really heavy night of drinking (13 shots in 30 minutes) and cigarette smoking with friends, I'm baaaaack!

The other night I smoked weed for the first time in months, and the resulting head-over-heels high made me wonder why I quit in the first place. Similarly, I'm catching a killer buzz off of cigs that sometimes is strong enough to leave me lightheaded and oddly clear-minded, Like some grease in the cognitive cogs. I've told myself I won't make those too regular an indulgence, as 1: serious health risks, and 2: want to get that buzz every time.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures, etc. I promise not to post any more drawings 'till I've gotten better with pen and paper. 

Rolling the J

  • Nov5/09 21:04:31
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  • Smoking a Nothing yet. Bowl loading... Please wait!

We've all, at some point, been that guy/girl. Faced with a pile of freshly ground bud, we pick up a leaf of rolling paper and gingerly sprinkle some weed into the crease, attempt to roll it up while retaining the contents, and ultimately come up with a crumpled fail of a joint. Laughter and mocking ensues among the more experienced, who take over and are able to produce a tightly rolled masterpiece within what seems like seconds. They are moving so quickly, that you cannot take in the technique(s) they use.

This was me about a year ago. I took refuge in my ownership of a nice, albeit small glass piece, and banished from my thoughts the possibility of me ever becoming consistently good at rolling joints. Since then, I've learned a couple techniques as well as come up with methods of my own. Here is what I used to do when I had a bit of time on my hands, and before I really realized rolling as an art. Experienced rollers, you have been warned: this technique gets a bit messy to the point of being almost blasphemous. Here's my old "rolling" technique, step by step:

 1. Grind weed into pile with fingers.

2. Find a rolling paper (I use ZigZag) and a ballpoint pen.

3. (The unbelievable part) Roll the paper around the pen, lick, seal into perfectly round tube.

4. Slide the tube almost all the way off the pen

5. Fill tube with weed until almost full.

6. Twist off the free end, remove from pen, twist off other end (this is before I knew about the rolled card "filters" used in joints).

7. Get laughed at/attacked for awful, insulting technique and lack of skill. 


I have since learned how to roll cone-shaped joints from a friend, and while I'm not awesome at it, I can produce something respectable, and more importantly, smokeable in about a minute. 


Okay, so now that I've 'fessed up, your turn. Leave instructions/descriptions for any rolling techniques  you have invented. These can be actual legit ways of rolling, or ridiculous mistakes that turned into methods such as the one described above. 

Hope to hear from a few of you, at least.


Kappy Nov10/09 08:01:54

The perfect joint, every time

Cypher Nov10/09 13:03:23

Yeah, that'd be a worthy investment.  


  • Oct29/09 15:41:22
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  • Smoking a lot of salvia

Finally received my Salvia Divinorum plant in the mail today. Looks a little droopy and sad. Tonight I'm making him a humidity tent and will find a fluorescent lamp in the next couple days to compensate for the lack of light round this time of year.


I think I'll call him "Groucho," as once of the sadder leaves reminds me of Groucho Marx's mustache.


Any tips/tricks from anybody who has grown in the past are welcomed.


In related news, picked up an ounce of dried Salvia today for $20 at a local head shop (getting an ounce of anything for $20 is awesome!) Needless to say, I'm going to be smoking my head off the next week or so. 


  • Oct22/09 18:16:05
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  • Smoking a nothing... yet.

Hello, all. I'm new here and thought I'd post a quick intro just to say a big collective "Hi, how're you doing?"


Okay, here goes. Name is Cypher, and I'm a straight male fox (at least, I sometimes like to think I'm not quite 100% human). 


Been smoking for about a year and a half, so not the most experienced of the lot by far, though I think I have a lot of insightful information and amusing stories to share none the less.


Recently quit cigarettes and alcohol. I still enjoy hookah and cigars, though not on a daily basis.

Things I'm into: Weed, Salvia, excessive amounts of Caffeine :D


I'm also really interested in how psychoactives  effect the brain and people's behavior, physical condition, etc. Therefore, any experiences I post about will have some kind of scientific (or at least analytical) perspective or aspect to them. I don't believe in a higher power, but I do believe in higher functioning, which we may be able to catch glimpses of through the use of entheogens. Though I do not seek to "find myself" through use of drugs, I do seek new perspectives. If any of this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to drop me a blog comment or something. Would love to have conversations about this kind of thing.


That's basically it. Peace and be safe. 

Kensuke_Kitty Oct22/09 18:22:26

Glad to have you on board, Cypher.

As far as stoners go, smoking for over a year should make you fairly experienced, I would think.


Anyhow, hope you stick around.   If you use IRC, please come visit #420furs on Furnet.



SmokeyDuck Oct22/09 21:38:44
[SmokeyDuck]Waddup, Cypher? Good to know there are some folks out there who consider taking drugs as a way of expanding the mind besides just getting effed up (I'm a fan of both). I loved most of my experiences on LSD and would love discussing the effects of it and other substances on the psyche in a more analytical way, or even a philosophical one. Joining Furnet for chatting seems like the thing to do, but it's good to see activity here. Later!