and the Lord said, 'let's get shitfaced.'

I haven't posted in forever....oh yeah and a question

  • Feb17/08 01:03:01

yep. Nothing very interesting going on. I'm getting another tattoo the 28th, I'm excited. I haven't smoked in a while since I'm out of ganj and dinero.


And my question is, is $200 too much to pay for a ball of coke? I've never dealt with it before at all, but my friend is a dealer and some of us in my dorm were going to all go in for a ball. One of my friends says that's too much. So yeah. 


karma Feb17/08 20:14:56
[karma]That's very pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for; if you're under 60 a gram and getting off on it well you're in good waters


  • Dec26/07 15:10:49
  • Edited Dec26/07 21:24:17

so I'm standing outside and I pull out my cigarettes and lighter and they happen to be the same color. and the same color as my shirt.

girl: do you coordinate your cigarettes with you wardrobe?



girl: that's pretty cool




karma Dec26/07 16:44:59
[karma]Most people are just really helplessly retarded, that's all :(
Nikke Dec27/07 12:27:02
[Nikke]Same girl accidently set the laundry room on fire the first week of school bc she didn't clean out the lint trap, and called my friend an 'overdose of cool' because of some shirt he was wearing or something. Yet we're the idiots because we smoke.


  • Dec23/07 23:46:54

sitting on bed. smoking a bowl. mom walks into room.

mom: *snffs* hm. that smells different, were'd you get that perfume?

me: um. uh. dyer..dryer..sheets. i bought these new kinda dryer sheets. at target. couple weeks ago. in school. really strong. dryer sheets.

mom: hm. well, they smell good.

Ripp Dec24/07 04:50:34 edited Dec24/07 04:50:39

I lol'd.

I made a mome rath

  • Dec23/07 01:03:15
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[Nikke]So Alice in Wonderland is pretty much my favorite Disney movie. I've also seen a Czech version that was almost all stop animation. So anyway today I decided I wanted to make a mome rath (I always laugh my ass off at that part even if I'm not stoned) plus mome rath is fun to say. Now I just need to find a shirt to sew it onto.
Ripp Dec23/07 10:50:10 edited Dec23/07 10:50:59
[Ripp]OI.  Those're MY green pigs, I'll have you know.  D:
karma Dec23/07 11:12:04
[karma]I still have to see Alice :\
Nikke Dec23/07 23:36:02
[Nikke]You want I should make you mome rath Ripp? I could even get a shirt to sew it onto for you, or just send it as a giant Mome Patch.
Ripp Dec24/07 04:49:30 edited Dec24/07 04:49:38
[Ripp]That.  Would be sweet as shit.
Nikke Dec24/07 14:41:42
[Nikke]Color preference?
Ripp Dec26/07 16:58:06 edited Dec26/07 16:58:22
[Ripp]I like red.


  • Dec19/07 21:47:34
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  • Feeling haaaaapppyyyyy
  • Smoking a nothing..yet
[Nikke]I drove high for the first time last night. I never thought I could be that cocky, in my mom's new car and on not that great road conditions on top of it. And as an early bday present my boy got me grass. Everything's finally going pretty good.
Riochef Dec19/07 23:17:32
[Riochef]It's definately a sifferent way of driving.  It's a lot better on long road trips.  I remember driving 6 hours to my twin's school and going through an 8th.
Kappy Dec23/07 10:04:28
[Kappy]Driving high is pretty sweet. I don't do it too often but when I do, its pretty chill. Its just sweet to be driving to awesome music, you really start to appreciate small things. At least thats how it is for me. haha.