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laser hands...

  • Apr18/10 19:37:30
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First off, thanks for all the suggestions people gave in my previous blog. Had it not been for much peer pressure, I probably would have tried something totally out there and would have been dissappointed with the results. Instead, three friends and I baked a batch of deliscous brownies! I was skeptical after my first brownie experience (no effect whatsoever), but I was reassured when I licked the spoon and turned into a high mess for the next 5 hours. I'll be doing this afain for sure!


Now fast forward to saturday night. The concert was just out of this world! whyle the stage is being set for the Lips to go on, people in bright orange jump suits start coming around and giving everybody laser pointers. Neat! Next the band comes onto the stage through a door in the middle of the massive LCD screen behind the set-up. This is already trippy. We realize that Wayne is missing. Without warning, Wayne appears kicking in a clear plastic bag. Given their recent "embryonic" theme, I'm suddenly reminded of a child in the womb. The bag starts to inflate, and pretty soon it turns into a giant, clear beach ball... with Wayne inside it. Then it hits us; this is the human-sized hampster ball he crowd surfs in. This is too good to be true. He never surfed over us, but he came pretty darn close! 

 Most of the rest of the night is a haze of happy bliss that i really hope i remember when I'm a bit more sober, but some of the highlights: 

o) Wayne asks the audience to light him up with their laser pointers and holds up a giant mirror. Laser-awesomeness everywhere!

o) Wayne's giant LASER HANDS (!!!) shining green laser glory all over the room

o) confetti like a snow storm in December

o) giant balloons! Everywhere!

Basically, this show re-defined how I think of a concert. Even though there was tons of awesome moments and beautiful effects, hands-down the best part of the show was Wayne constantly repeating that this was our party, that this was our night, and how much he loved all of us. And we kept yelling back how much we loved him. I also approve highly of his reasoning for the balloons; "they just make it feel more like a f***ing riot..."



Kezra May15/12 13:00:20

Okay what the hell. This sounds like -the- best time.
I've loved The Flaming Lips for ages, but have never heard
of their live performance antics. Glad you managed to get baked,
and glad you had fun. ^^ You seem like a pretty cool bro.
We should definitely chat sometime... somehow...
If I wasn't so new to this site (and currently in the stratosphere)
I could probably find your profile, but alas. I have no idea how to navigate.

Kezra May15/12 13:02:49

Oh hey. I found it. Ahah...
and you haven't been on for years.
Wellllllll shit.

Please refrain from smoking in the theater...

  • Mar29/10 16:36:13
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For all you expert tokers out there, I have a serious question. In about a month, this little group called the Flaming Lips is coming to play a concert on campus. Going to this concert sober would be on the order of crimes against humanity. So I've been doing research and, well, why not ask the experts? How do you folks blaze up without actually blazing? The only thing worse than going sober would be getting kicked out for lighting up in the theater. I feel like it could be easy to make a Tincture, but I get the feeling those are really more for light medicinal use rather than recreation. Any suggestions?
Kensuke_Kitty Mar29/10 16:49:04

Seriously, dude?


-Smoke before you go

-Smoke outside the building

-Smoke in the bathroom in the building


Miko Fox Mar29/10 19:47:46 edited Mar29/10 19:50:06
[Miko Fox]

Hmmm. If you absatively posiloutly have to SMOKE, then go with Kitty's plan. I would recomnend baking some fire crackers and eating  them before the show. It will blow your mind


Kappy Mar29/10 20:57:36
[Kappy]You could do a little preparing before hand if you don't want to bring any weed with you to the show.. bake up a batch of some weed cookies and you're good to go ;) and have some to share, too!

Spring break in .... orlando!

  • Mar8/10 13:06:07
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Screw Miami, I just got back from three days in Disney World!


... and I feel as if I have grown as a person. You see, before Disney, I was very vocal about my dislike for roller coasters. Then I met a stunning and beautiful creature. Her name was Space Mountain. I have never had quite that much fun in my life (save perhaps a few occasions ... most were NSFW, and the other was caught on camera ) For those who have never been, it starts you out in a red-light tube, kind of like what you'd expect to see if you were in a shuttle getting launched from the star trek Enterprise. Then, after you climb for what feels like forever... pitch black. you cannot see the cart, the track, or even really your own hand. all you can see are the thousands of stars that are projected onto the walls and celiling. The only roller coaster I'd been on before this was the Commet at the Great Escape in New York, and it was such an unpleasent experience that I decided I forever hated them. But this... it was actually almost relaxing at times! So, after riding Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Test Track, I'm changing my mind about the inherent evin in roller coasters. I now think it's time for me to start nurturing a more loving relationship with them. 


So, now I'm in New York for a few days, then it's off to good old Vermont to spend some quality time with the parents. Hopefully I can pick up some good weed whyle I'm there, anything of similar caliber on campus would cost at least twice as much! I'll probably have some good stories to post too. until then, happy blazing!

Moment of the Week

  • Feb12/10 17:34:30

So here at Vassar we have a strange system for freshmen. instead of having RAs for a hall, we have student fellows. A student fellow is a student who takes a group of freshmen under his or her wing for their first year while they learn the ropes of college. The big difference between a student fellow and an RA is that while an RA has diciplinary power over whoever's in his or her hall, student fellows get just kindof... ignor it. More often actually, the fellow is punished when they screw up. The big rule about being a student fellow is that you absolutely CAN NOT drink with your fellowies.

Now, I have a friend Izzy. she's one of the best gals I know. she decided to be a student fellow this year, and thus far she's been very good about observing the rules. If she's at a party and one of her freshmen show up, regardless of what's happening, she'll quietly step out. The only excption she's made thus far was for Kristin's birthday party (as freshmen we were all in the same fellow group... we're still pretty close). Unfortunately, kristin's party also happened to be the first time any of us got written up. 

As security comes in, everyone looks at each other, looks around for Izzy, and breaths a sigh of relief. If you get caught drinking with your freshmen as a student fellow, you get kicked out of housing. no questions asked. We were quite pleased that Izzy made it out in time. Security was very nice about the whole thing, told us that somebody called in a noise complaint, and sympathized with us that it was pretty bitchy to call security instead of knocking on the door and asking us to turn the music down. In fact, the report must have been pretty tame since none of us were ever contacted for a follow up. 

As soon as the guards left, we all breathed a sigh of relief and said "good god, I'm so glad Izzy left when she did... in fact, when did she leave?" That was when the closet door opened and Izzy slowly pops her head out. Total ninja! nobody saw her getting in! 

 Well, that's my story for the week. work's picking up, so I haven't had any opportuneties to do anything too crazy. Janusz, however, just got a new grinder, so I'm sure there will be some good stories coming up!

Inside the bong

  • Feb1/10 22:25:41
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so, this might as well be a second hand story, I was pretty far gone when it happened. But, I'll try to recreate the experience as best I can. On saturday night, my friend Susan shows up at another friend's birthday party. we were pretty surprised to see each other, and for the next half hour determined that the college is, without a doubt, small. So as the night wears on, the crowd progressively gets more and more drunk, and Susan and I realize that neither of us exactly have a stomach for alcohol. We're at a loss for a moment, until my good friend Janusz comes up and says "you two! my room! we're smoking!" and a better suggestion I have never heard.

Between the three of us, we smoked less than a bowl. I am at an utter loss as to how we got so high. It shouldn't have been possible. Susan takes the first hit, and as she exhales she looks shocked at how much smoke she's exhaling. I started to smirk about it, but then I did the exact same thing! Turns out my new bubbler just hits super smoothly. just as we're reaching the end of the bowl, my friend Anna (who I have a mild crush on) comes in from the afore-mentioned party (oh screw it it's like Romeo and Juliet except I'm Count Paris), same time the smoke starts to hit me. for the next few minutes, the four of us are a giggling pile of mess.  eventually, Anna realizes we're all high and gives us the best gift I've ever recieved, Alice ( ). I closed my eyes and listened, and I went for one of the best trips of my life. 

 It starts with me curled up, almost in a sitting fetal position. I can't remember anything about me, just the world I was in. As I'm sitting in my bong, I start to get smaller... the water chamber opens up around me, and suddenly I'm in an indescribably vast glass cathedral. I'm sitting on the slide now, and the world around me is a glorious, shimmering haze. But it didn't stop there... I kept getting smaller. This was starting to get very curious indeed. I got so small that the glass walls of the bong were lost from sight... the down-stem started to get less round. Eventually, I was so small that I perceived the stem to be completely flat. it was like standing on the earth; you know it's round, but for all you can tell the square you're standing on is perfectly level. Then things started to get really exciting. I could start to see deformities in the glass, places where it had rippled and deformed when it cooled, but soon I lost sight of those features too. for a while, nothing of interest happened, but then I could just barely start to make them out... I could see atoms! this was unreal! But then I started to get really excited. if I could see atoms, and if I kept getting smaller... who knows where I'd end up? So I kept getting smaller. I went past the valiance electron shells of an atom... then through the inner shells. Then there was a vast emptiness... impossible to describe. absolutely pristine. then I came up on the nucleus. it was spinning wildly! the protons and neutrons whirled around in front of my eyes, too fast to see, until ... I passed into them. the world is suddenly dense, filled with I remember distinctly colors of orange and blue, dancing with each other in a crystal-like pattern... it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. 

And then, I opened my eyes and shook my head, and the other three in the room just stared at me until Janusz says "you, sir, are high." All in all, good night! Susan unfortunately started to feel sick, but we walked her home and tucked her in bed. she took it like a champ. More adventures to come soon!